Spring 2017 tour! Lightning under their Skirts

It’s 1961.

Gary wants a few bob to go dancing at the Town Baths.
Gary wants his sister, Sandy, to iron his trousers.
Gary wants Keith’s bird as well – but that ends with a fight and stitches in his head.

Sandy is trapped in the small secretive world that lies behind the net curtains of a semi.

This beautiful and funny play full of secrets and poetry is about the monochrome 1950’s being pushed aside for a bright new age. It’s about opening the doors and the windows wide – and fresh air flooding in.

Storm in the North in association with Action Transport Theatre (ATT) presents the 2017 Spring tour of ‘Lightning under their Skirts’, Joy Winkler’s new play with award-winning director Kevin Dyer. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Look out for dates to be annouced including those with Cheshire Rural Touring (CRTA), Spot On in Lancashire and promoters in North Staffordshire!

For tour enquires, please contact: storminthenorth@gmail.com