Joy Winkler is available for readings from her new collection ‘Stolen Rowan Berries‘.

Also available for readings from:

TOWN: an original and inspiring piece of poetry drama which toured the North West to great acclaim in 2013/14

This is an innovative and atmospheric performance written and performed by Joy Winkler with live music written and performed by Andrew Rudd. Both are former Cheshire Poets Laureate who toured recently with two other groundbreaking shows ‘Bunch of Fives’ and Fourpenny Circus’.

The action, played out against the backdrop of secrets, lies and more than a little magic, is brought further to life by a backdrop of newly commissioned film footage by Ian Coppack which helps to set the scene.

In 2011 Joy Winkler toured the North West with readings on themes: ‘Mothers and Daughters’, ‘From a Cafe Window’, ‘One Woman Circus’ and ‘Language of Flowers.’

Mothers and Daughters

‘when she was good, she was very, very good. And when she was bad she was horrid’

In this reading Joy Winkler will perform poems about relationships between mothers and daughters. These pieces look at relationships which can be fraught, loving or hilarious, but which are always fascinating.

From a Café Window

‘there’s nowt so queer as folk’

This is a reading where all the poems were written with one eye on people passing by and one eye on a toasted teacake. People-watching is part of a poet’s tools in trade and imagination can change ordinary people into such characters as a self obsessed teacher, a maniac waitress or a dragon teacher who prowls the streets in her black mackintosh.

One Woman Circus

‘life’s a circus, bring on the clowns’

This is a performance (without a safety net) telling the experiences of Diana the Tightrope Walker. The narrative takes us through her life in the circus and people she knew. A mixture of poetry, song and story, which will make you laugh and maybe make you cry.