Latest Collection


A new themed collection of poetry by Joy Winkler is available from October 2014.

In it she uses flowers and links to nature to reflect on events and people from her life. A rose, cornfield or the scent of lilac together with many more evocative images hold the key to an abundance of recollections; poignant, funny and thought provoking.

In the poem, ‘Tale: a list, a reckoning’ she recounts a visit to her mother, taking gossip like a bouquet to make a ‘meadow by her bedside’. The white and gold of childhood and my chattering, light as thistledown, blow out the hours.

‘Shared memories keep us connected,’ she says. ‘We all have a story or memory inspired by flowers. Somehow they thread our lives together like a daisy chain’.

This is a beautifully produced booklet which includes commissioned paintings by Karen Rossart.